Tips on choosing a moving company

Moving to another house in another location is pretty stressful experience. Add to that the horror stories you have heard about moving companies, which will basically bring your hard-earned goods to your new place. However, you can make the transfer to your new home a worry-free experience. Just follow the tips below on how to choose the best moving company:



Ask your friends or co-workers if they have tried a moving company themselves and who will they recommend. You can also checkout websites and see the reviews of moving companies to determine which will best suit your needs.

Narrow down your options to about four companies then setup appointments with them so you can get an estimate. It will be best for the company to see what they are moving so there will be enough preparation and no surprises on the day you move.

Ask to know

As a customer, you have the right to ask the moving company of their qualifications to help you with the move. Ask if their employees are licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask the particulars of their insurance so you know in case you will discover damages to your stuff when you move.

List down the items

When the company rep gets to your place, show him or her what items will be moved. Point out any specifc items that might need some gentle handling like antiques, piano, large mirrors, among others. Instruct the company which items they need to move and which ones you will be moving yourself. Make sure you give them the exact address of the new home and any obstacles like narrow hallways or stairs that they may have to deal with. Prior to the move, the company shall give you a detailed estimate and specifics of the move.

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