Different ways to show your property to potential buyers

Showing your property is critical to the home selling process. Here are some ways how you showcase your home to prospective buyers:


Open House

Most open houses are done during the weekends. Sunday afternoons are ideal since most people are free from work obligations. Buyers can make most of the situation to shop around and have a good feel of the market without the need to commit to an agent. It is also a great opportunity for sellers to have a few hours to show their home with a good number of potential buyers visiting.

Private showings

Some buyers might visit during an open house and there will be times that serious buyers would request for a private showing of the property so they can appreciate it more without the other people moving around from room to room. It can be a challenge for some homeowners since they have to maintain the property in staging condition while living in it.

Lock box

Some sellers or buyers might not be available during weekends. A lock box kind of showing makes use of a lock box just outside of the house where agents can access the key. This gives a great chance for the buyer who might be coming out of town or just available on a certain day to check out the property.

Whatever path you want to take in order to showcase your property, make sure that you coordinate well with your agent. Buyers and agents should be respectful of the owners of the house while sellers should make sure that the property is in tip top staging condition.

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